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Björn Wahlström
Professor Emeritus
Brändövägen 1020 B 5
AX-22920 Brändö, Finland

phone: +358 400 448710
e-mail bjorn@bewas.fi

Fields of interest:
Systems engineering, nuclear power, organisation and management, control and
instru­mentation, simulation, human factors, risk analysis, technology management

Recent activities
Aalto university, Systems Analysis Laboratory, research fellow
Vattenfall, consultant in safety management (nuclear, hydro)
VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, research professor (retired 2008)
NKS-reports, KRU- and LIT-reports (1981-1986)
LearnSafe, the EU-project "Learning organisations for nuclear safety"
Paree, Control of local energy resources in distributed energy systems
PHARE Project, Safety culture issues of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency
TWG-NPPCI, Technical Working Group on NPP Control and Instrumentation
contributions to  TECDOC -1327, TECDOC-1328, TECDOC-1389,
NP-T-1.4, NP-T-1.5, NUCL.SECURITY No. 17
OECD/NEA, Nuclear Energy Agency
contributions to NEA/CSNI/R(2005)10, NEA/CSNI/R(2008)11
A book on safety management (in Swedish)
Human and organisational factors, HOF (thoughts and issues)

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